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A Light Aircraft Maintenance Blog

Sacramento Sky Ranch, which sells airplane parts, has an RSS 2.0 feed dedicated to light aircraft maintenance, including pictures and even sound. There’s lots of great stuff here, from the sound a cracked cylinder makes when you flick the fin … Continue reading

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Leaning the Mixture

Student pilots and renters rarely worry much about the red knob or lever that controls the fuel/air mixture to their engines; owners worry about it a lot. For a while, there has been a big controversy about how far to … Continue reading

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Flying into the Wind

A comment by a fellow pilot got me thinking about headwinds and tailwinds. I started flying with serious misconceptions about how a headwind or tailwind affects a flight, and some of the bogus rules of thumb only makes things worse. … Continue reading

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Hope Air

Last week, I flew my first flight for Hope Air, a charity similar to Angel Flight in the United States and British Columbia. An icy, snow December is a strange time to start on something like that — many of … Continue reading

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Speed and Fuel

My Warrior is one of the slower planes on the apron. It’s not as slow as some people claim, of course — under ideal conditions, I actually can get within 2-3 knots of the 127 knots true airspeed promised by … Continue reading

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