Moving to Full Text

[Updated: Bloglines OK] At the request of a couple of users, I’m going to experiment with switching this weblog to a fulltext RSS feed. I had been reluctant to do that because some of the posts are fairly lengthy, but it won’t hurt to try. Please leave a comment to let me know about any problems you may have.

I just noticed that WordPress is putting the full content for the RSS 2.0 feed into an RSS 1.0 encoded element, while the RSS 2.0 description element still contains only a summary. That is not what I expected — Bloglines, for example, seems to still be showing summaries, though I haven’t tried updating an old, longer posting to see what happens. Liferea on my desktop is showing the full text now.

I guess I’ll have to mess around with some WordPress PHP templates to put the full text into description, where (I think) it belongs.

Update: Bloglines is showing full text for new postings, but not for older ones. That’s probably OK.

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  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    I think the blogs should provide full text RSS, and RSS aggregators should be do the summarizing or not as the end-user requires.

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