Admin: new category, Canada vs. U.S.

I’m starting a new category in this weblog, canada-us. Postings added to this category will talk about how flying differs between the two countries, including regulations, culture, and so on. Vive la différence!

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  1. al says:

    Can anyone tell me whether or not Canada still requires radio licenses for private pilots and their airplanes? If so, is it enforced?

    For domestic flights, the US dropped this requirement quite a few years ago, but as a Florida-based pilot who only flies in Canada a couple times a year at most, usually passing through on a trans-Atlantic ferry, I find it difficult to keep up with Canadian regulations.

    Thanks for creating/maintaining this blog!

    …fly FUN!


  2. david says:

    Canadian pilots are required to hold radiotelephone operators’ licenses (earned with a simple multiple-choice exam), but U.S. pilots visiting Canada don’t have to have one. Canada no longer requires radio station licenses in Canadian planes; they might be required on paper for U.S. planes, but if so, it’s not enforced.

    What you do need to fly into Canada is proof of liability insurance — make sure you have a certificate from your insurance company.

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