What province is Ottawa in, again?

(Not about flying.)

By population, Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada (after Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) and the second largest city in Ontario (after Toronto). Ottawa is also the nation’s capital, hosting the Parliament buildings (with the House of Commons and Senate), the Supreme Court, and not least, Rideau Hall, the governor-general’s residence.

This is information that every Canadian, at least, should know. So imagine my surprise at seeing the following headline from the Canadian Press: Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean decries youth alienation on first visit to Ontario. First visit to Ontario? To make things even sillier, she was welcomed to Ontario by its premier, Dalton McGuinty, who happens to be an MPP for a riding in … um … Ottawa.

Perhaps we’ll be hearing soon about U.S. President Bush’s first official visit to the Beltway.

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  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    You haven’t been in Ontario until you’ve been to Petawawa.

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