Thank you for smoking

If you wish to smoke, please step outside.

When I bought my Warrior, there was a small plastic sign in the middle of the panel reading “If you wish to smoke, please step outside.” My daughters were angry with me for removing the placard, but I’ve never been one to wear a stale joke on a tee-shirt or a car bumper, so keeping one on the panel just didn’t work for me.

In a recent blog entry, Sulako, a bizjet pilot, found a much funnier way to express the same opinion about smoking. He dug up some old notes from when he was flying an MU-2 medevac back in 2004, and quoted these lines:

On that note, thank Jebus for the smokers, they are our bread and butter. If you smoke and aren’t smoking at this exact second, I urge you to pull one out and light it up. Things have been a bit slow so far today and I wouldn’t mind flying.

Even though Sulako has moved on, he’d probably appreciate it if you could start smoking so that his colleagues flying medevac can keep putting food on their tables. Do you really want to put hard-working pilots out of jobs?

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2 Responses to Thank you for smoking

  1. Aviatrix says:

    The problem is that when they just step outside on the ramp and reach for the cigarette package. I tell them, “It’s okay to smoke, but could you please walk twenty paces away from the airplane before lighting up. It’s kind of like a dual, except this way no one gets hurt.”

    Civilized airports usually forbid smoking anywhere on airside, but I’m talking about an apron that doubles as a parking lot for the pickup trucks.

  2. david says:

    I don’t know if you noticed this when you flew Medevac, but the majority of the adult Hope Air patients I’ve flown have beens smokers.

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