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OK, the name in the title sucks, but the good news is that OurAirports is now open to community contributions: any member can add a new airport or edit information about an existing one. How to contribute When you’re logged … Continue reading

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Finding a customs airport

I’ve expanded my original OurAirports tagging to include all airports of entry and U.S. landing rights airports that I can find under Canadian or U.S. control. You can now use my tag “customs” to find either, for trip planning purposes. … Continue reading

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The Aerodrome of Democracy

As I mentioned in a previous post, OurAirports now lets you invent your own tags for airports and view maps of the airports you’ve tagged. This morning, I made a map of 60 of the airports that were part of … Continue reading

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Tagging airports

In OurAirports, you can now tag airports any way you want, rather than just marking them as visited, and see a map for any tag. Here are two examples: Canadian customs airports of entry (my tag “airport-of-entry”) Update: expanded to … Continue reading

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Where can I land that float plane?

OurAirports is getting better at filtering. While the maps still show everything, you can now filter most of the lists to show any of the following: active land airports, airports with scheduled airline service, seaplane bases, or everything, including heliports, … Continue reading

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Scheduled airline service

When pilots think of an airport, they think of anywhere they can safely and legally land their planes. It might or might not have a a fence, pavement, fuel pumps, or any structures at all (even an outhouse), much less … Continue reading

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