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Comments fixed

Thanks to Paul Tomblin for pointing out that I managed to break comments with a clumsy attempt at customizing Spam Karma. They should be working again now, if you wanted to say anything about recent postings.

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Grounded for a long time

I’m going to be grounded for a long time — possibly a few months — so I might not be posting much to this blog. After reattaching my overhauled and tested propeller, the shop was unable to complete a compass … Continue reading

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Admin: new category, Canada vs. U.S.

I’m starting a new category in this weblog, canada-us. Postings added to this category will talk about how flying differs between the two countries, including regulations, culture, and so on. Vive la diffĂ©rence!

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Admin: Upgrade to WP 1.5.1, and SpamKarma

Even a relatively patient person like me eventually gets tired of deleting comment spam. I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1, and installed the highly-recommended SpamKarma plugin. Hopefully, this will allow legitimate comments to appear immediately, without waiting for moderation, while … Continue reading

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Admin: Comment and Pingback Limits

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed dealing with comment and traceback/pingback spam on my two blogs, sometimes having to delete up to 50 a day (mostly in the moderation queue, fortunately). My first impulse was to ban comments completely, since most … Continue reading

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Moving to Full Text

[Updated: Bloglines OK] At the request of a couple of users, I’m going to experiment with switching this weblog to a fulltext RSS feed. I had been reluctant to do that because some of the posts are fairly lengthy, but … Continue reading

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Admin: Moving to WordPress

Land and Hold Short has just moved from a hacked-up homemade system to WordPress, an excellent Open Source weblog manager. The new system has search, trackbacks, pingbacks, user comments, and many other features, so it should make reading the blog … Continue reading

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#1 on Google

While the readership for this blog is still…shall we say…extremely modest, the blog has somehow crawled its way up to the #1 result on Google for the search phrase “land and hold short,” ahead of more worthy targets such as … Continue reading

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Admin: Syndication URL Change

If you are reading this feed in an RSS feed reader/amalgamator, please change the syndication URL to http://www.megginson.com/blogs/lahso.xml. The previous URL, lahso.rss, is not getting the right MIME type from my provider, and I haven’t made much progress getting them … Continue reading

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Welcome to Land and Hold Short

Welcome to Land and Hold Short, a weblog dedicated to light aircraft and general aviation. I’ll be writing both for other pilots and owners, and for aviation-curious members of the general public who’d like to escape their desks for a … Continue reading

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