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There is a new version of OurAirports optimized for cell phones and other small devices. This first release includes search, airport lists, comments, and (what’s not available on the regular site) TAF and METAR reports. There are no maps in … Continue reading

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Ottawa TFR for President Obama's visit

Four and a half years ago I complained about a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for President Bush’s visit to Ottawa. I like President Obama a lot better than I liked President Bush — and I’m very excited that he’s making … Continue reading

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A legal precedent for airspace

A few days ago, a woman went into labour and gave birth on a scheduled airline flight from Amsterdam to Boston [story]. At the time of the birth, the airliner was in Canadian airspace. The flight crew had considered diverting, … Continue reading

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Finding a customs airport

I’ve expanded my original OurAirports tagging to include all airports of entry and U.S. landing rights airports that I can find under Canadian or U.S. control. You can now use my tag “customs” to find either, for trip planning purposes. … Continue reading

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Capital to Capitol

I flew from Ottawa, ON to Washington, DC (400 nm) today, with a few pilot firsts: First time flying south of the Mason-Dixon line. First time flying outside the 40-49 degree north latitude band as PIC. First time flying into the Washington, DC … Continue reading

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Pilot population trends

In the U.S., AOPA president Phil Boyer wants to know how to stop the pilot population from declining — it has fallen below 600,000, and is still heading downhill. No surprise, really. Flying is a fuel- and land-intensive pastime, when … Continue reading

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Canada/U.S. quiz #1: VFR operations

The allowed answers for each question are “Canada“, “U.S.“, “both“, or “neither” (for the sake of this quiz, “U.S.” refers only to the continental U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii). I’ll post the answers in a comment later. Which country requires … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

In the U.S., in an attempt to avoid user fees for general aviation, AOPA (the main G.A. advocacy group) worked with the FAA to outsource flight services (briefings, VFR flight plans, etc.) to Lockheed-Martin. AOPA didn’t realize that they were … Continue reading

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Three problem airports

Some of you (like Paul Tomblin, who manages navaid.com) have probably already run into this problem, but it turns out that there are at least three airports in the world that cannot safely be assigned to any country, at least … Continue reading

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The FAA vs. General Aviation

[Update: Boing Boing bought into the airlines’ side on this and went even further, confusing airport development funds with ATC costs and somehow making it sound like 25% of the cost of each airline ticket subsidizes rich people in bizjets. … Continue reading

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