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Hiatus and Return

I took a six month break from flying — basically, work, a long wait for new fuel caps at my annual, and a family vacation in London (UK) got in the way. I also managed to prove the third rule … Continue reading

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Calls for violence

At OurAirports, an anonymous visitor has left the same comment for six different Vietnamese airports (including an air force base), encouraging a Libyan-style uprising in Vietnam (the comments should be gone by the time you read this, for reasons that … Continue reading

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The #flightlog Twitter hashtag

I’ve used the hashtag #flightlog to post information about my last two flights to Twitter: CYRO-CYAM VFR, 4.4 hours flight time (4.2 air time) PIC #flightlog CYTZ-CYRO IFR 1.8 PIC in a PA-28-161 #flightlog No one is using this hashtag … Continue reading

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August flying

To celebrate the return of the Land and Hold Short blog after a hiatus of several weeks, I’ll list the airports I plan to fly to in August: Charlottetown Airport in Charlottetown, PEI. Toronto City Centre Airport (can’t bring myself … Continue reading

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Ottawa TFR for President Obama's visit

Four and a half years ago I complained about a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for President Bush’s visit to Ottawa. I like President Obama a lot better than I liked President Bush — and I’m very excited that he’s making … Continue reading

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Class A airports

Update: removed Le Bourget. ICAO Class A (“class alfa”) airspace is the strictest of all, allowing only IFR operations (without special permission). In the U.S. and southern Canada, most airspace between FL180 and FL600 is class A (the floor is … Continue reading

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Expanding Heathrow

The British Government has approved adding a third runway to Heathrow Airport (CBC News story). There has been huge opposition to this, mainly from environmentalists. I believe (a) that the environmentalists’ reasoning is completely misguided, and (b) that they’re right, … Continue reading

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My Top Five New Year's Flying Resolutions

I’m late on this (sorry, other air-bloggers), but here goes … Expand my horizons. This year, I pushed my southern limit a bit by flying all the way south to Dulles Airport. My other extremes flying from Ottawa are Sault … Continue reading

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Heading home, 2005

Teterboro Airport, March 2005: loading bags into the Warrior for the flight home, after our first family trip to New York City. I’d been an aircraft owner for 2 1/2 years at that point. I’m still not used to it … Continue reading

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Baseball and the Toronto Island Airport

Toronto City Centre Airport (commonly called “Toronto Island”) is a great airport for baseball fans, since it’s only about a 15-minute walk from the Roger’s Centre/Skydome, where you can drop by to see the Jays play the Bosox, Yankees, etc. … Continue reading

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