Places I've Been

I’m filling out an application to volunteer myself and my plane for Hope Air, a Canadian organization that flies sick people and family members (similar to Angel Flight in the US and British Columbia). The application process is about as complicated as applying for university, but I’m trying to find the patience to work my way through and add up my flying hours in all the different ways they want. One of the more interesting questions asks me to list all of the airports I’ve visited as pilot in command during the past 12-36 months. I’ve been flying as PIC for a bit over two years, so I decided to list all of them, divided up by province or state.

CYOW (Ottawa), CYSH (Smith’s Falls), CNP3 (Arnprior), CYRP (Carp), CYGK (Kingston), CYCC (Cornwall), CNL3 (Brockville), CNS8 (Morrisburg), CYPQ (Peterborough), CNC3 (Brampton), CYKF (Kitchener/Waterloo), CYRO (Ottawa/Rockcliffe), CYTA (Pembroke), CYYB (North Bay), CNT7 (Picton), CYAM (Sault Ste. Marie), CYTZ (Toronto/City Centre), CPD8 (Hawkesbury/Windover Field), CRL2 (Westport), CNS4 (Alexandria), CNW3 (Bancroft)
CYND (Gatineau), CYUL (Montreal/Dorval), CYMW (Maniwaki), CYMX (Montreal/Mirabel), CYQB (Quebec City), CYHU (St-Hubert), CYFJ (Mont Tremblant), CSD4 (Mont Laurier), CSE4 (Lachute), CYSG (St-Georges).
New Brunswick:
CYQM (Moncton), CYFC (Fredericton)
Nova Scotia:
CYPD (Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton), CYHZ (Halifax)
New York
KMSS (Massena), KFRG (Farmingdale/Republic), KPLB (Plattsburgh/Clinton Co.), KART (Watertown), KITH (Ithaca)
New Jersey
KCDW (Caldwell)
KOWD (Boston/Norwood)

The northernmost airport is Quebec, southernmost is Philadelphia, the westernmost is Sault Ste. Marie, and the easternmost is Port Hawkesbury on Cape Breton. All of these but two — Halifax and Port Hawkesbury — are within my Warrior’s non-stop range with good fuel reserves. Even Halifax would be doable non-stop with a good tailwind, though the return flight against the prevailing westerly winds would probably need a stop.

The only direction I haven’t gone far is north, and I’m hoping to make it up to Moosonee on James Bay within the next year or so.

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