Blog: Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo

I have complained to people that it’s hard to find good aviation blogs: they all seem to be rants about politics, hype about technology, or moaning about teenagers’ social lives. Fortunately, I have found one exception, Hamish Reid’s Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo. [Update: Hamish does have an Atom feed.]

Hamish’s blog is very different from this one: it is personal and visual (including lots of pictures — Hamish is a photographer) where Land and Hold Short is general and text-heavy; it is about sunny California, while mine is about central Canada. Unfortunately, I cannot find any URL for an RSS or Atom feed. Hamish, if you’re reading this, please provide one, so that it’s easier to keep up to date on your entries.

Update: Hamish’s blog is available through an Atom feed at

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