Admin: Moving to WordPress

Land and Hold Short has just moved from a hacked-up homemade system to WordPress, an excellent Open Source weblog manager. The new system has search, trackbacks, pingbacks, user comments, and many other features, so it should make reading the blog a lot more fun. I’ve done some .htaccess work to make sure that old permalinks keep working: please leave a comment if you find anything that’s not working or if you have any configuration suggestions. I’ll work on coming up with a custom theme later — just moving the old postings over was enough work for one Saturday afternoon. I’d also be grateful for category suggestions.

Note, too, that all old posts are (at the time of writing) commentless, because user comments were not possible until today.

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2 Responses to Admin: Moving to WordPress

  1. Aviatrix says:

    Ooh. Comments. Now you’ll come to know who the riffraff are.

  2. David Megginson says:

    Welcome, riffraff.

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