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Yesterday, I got into a situation that I couldn’t handle on my own and needed to call in backup; fortunately, it had nothing to do with flying. I was a few kilometers from home just before 7:00 am, running in … Continue reading

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Blog: Aviation in Canada

Thanks to Aviatrix, I see that Michael Oxner has finally joined the blogosphere with his weblog Aviation in Canada — welcome, Michael. Michael is a controller at Moncton ACC (i.e. “Moncton Centre”), one the seven area control centres that handle … Continue reading

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Canada vs. U.S.: how much do we fly?

Since both countries have statistics for 2003 available (U.S. stats, Canadian stats), and I thought it would be interesting to compare trends in Canada and the U.S. Unfortunately, statistics for the two countries do not follow the same categories, so … Continue reading

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Google Maps and Airports

There’s a lot of noise in the blogsphere about the new Google Maps site, and most of it is good. One of the nicest features is the ability to find things using plain query strings like airports near livingston, nj … Continue reading

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AIP Canada online

Transport Canada is planning to put an Aeronautical Information Manual similar to the U.S. AIM online in HTML format this fall. While we’re waiting, they’ve put the existing ICAO-conformant Aeronautical Information Publication online in PDF format. The PDF is fully … Continue reading

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Greenspun in a Malibu

Philip Greenspun is posting about transitional training from his Diamond Star into a super-high-performance Piper Malibu. Here is one man living the geek dream, especially since he made his money from a company associated with Open Source software, the basis … Continue reading

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Blog: Cockpit Conversation

[Update: once again, I missed a syndication URL] Pilots have been painfully slow to take to the blogsphere compared to people in other areas. We love our newsgroups, mailing lists, and web sites, but gosh-darn-it if we’re going to mess … Continue reading

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Beauty in brevity

Sometimes it’s hard to love the Canada Flight Supplement or its U.S. equivalent, the Airport and Facility Directory, printed on cheap, easy-to-rip newsprint in tiny smudged type, going out of date every seven weeks, and filled with abbreviations you have … Continue reading

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