No Glamour

Kris Johnson, a student pilot, has a post about the lack of glamour in being a pilot. Instead of the soft leather jacket, silk scarf, and rougish smile, it’s a big, clumsy headset, googly sunglasses, and trying to find a dignified way to lower yourself bum-first into a Piper Warrior down off the wingwalk.

I’m not sure where Kris lives, but in colder latitudes, we also have the problem of dressing for survival in case of a forced landing during winter months — that means long underwear, thick socks, toque, big mittens, scarf, etc. Basically, you end up looking like one of the kids from South Park before you even get to the headset.

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3 Responses to No Glamour

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Just strap a couple of kneeboards to your legs. That will make you look cool. And to really impress the babes, hang a pair of foggles around your neck so they know you’re instrument rated.

  2. Kris Johnson says:

    I’m in Atlanta, so right now the weather is pretty mild. But once summer rolls around, wiping sweat off the yoke and drinking a gallon of water after getting back to the FBO will be added to the list of “glamourous” activities.

  3. Hannita says:

    Actually all uniforms are like that.

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