Yesterday, during a Hope Air flight, the virtual odometer in my logbook finally ticked around past 400 hours.

It was a day of flying extremes. I flew three legs totalling 8 hours flight time (7.2 air time), of which 3.3 hours was hand-flown in IMC. The trip involved flying IFR through Toronto terminal airspace over Toronto/Pearson, Canada’s busiest airport; flight over water; a slow-moving cold front blanketing the route with heavy rain and hours of light and moderate turbulence; a brief encouter with clear icing (not with passengers in the plane); and at the end of the final leg, an ILS approach in more turbulence with a circling landing, and then back home in time for supper. I don’t think I’ll have trouble remembering what I was doing when I hit 400.

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2 Responses to 400

  1. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    Quite a workout: just what I like about Hope Air flights. How was the weather over Elliot Lake?

  2. David Megginson says:

    Elliot Lake was a few miles north of the edge of that big weather system, so the last few minutes of the flight were in good VMC. Going back to Ottawa, the VMC held up until North Bay, then back into the system again.

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