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This time, it was a Canadian plane’s turn to violate the DC ADIZ, the enormous restricted airspace around Washington, DC (the plane did not go anywhere near the White House or Capitol). In fact, planes violate the ADIZ all the … Continue reading

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Analog Flying

I was recently reading yet another review about the glass cockpits starting to appear in general aviation aircraft, when one comment struck me — the review mentioned how much pilots rely on the position of needles on analog (steam) gauges, … Continue reading

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All in Pieces

That’s how my plane has been for a full week now, in the shop, waiting for parts to arrive from Piper via a supplier in Memphis via a second supplier in Montreal. Owners tend to say that the annual is … Continue reading

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Admin: Upgrade to WP 1.5.1, and SpamKarma

Even a relatively patient person like me eventually gets tired of deleting comment spam. I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1, and installed the highly-recommended SpamKarma plugin. Hopefully, this will allow legitimate comments to appear immediately, without waiting for moderation, while … Continue reading

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JPI Slashdotted

An avionics story on Slashdot? JP Instruments sells a line of engine monitors that is popular among owners (at least, owners who spend more on their planes than I do). Engine monitors help you to find problems before they get … Continue reading

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Upcoming changes to Canadian airspace

Nav Canada has a whole bunch of proposed changes in its National Level of Service Report from last October (which I’ve noticed only now — here’s a link directly to the full 96-page PDF report). The report proposes revoking many … Continue reading

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In his most recent posting, Moncton Centre controller Michael Oxner makes some friendly but justifiable complaints about summer recreational pilots who don’t bring paper charts in the plane and tie up ATC time when their handheld GPS’s fail (for those … Continue reading

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