C-FBJO on Google Maps

This is a pure vanity posting, a link to a Google Maps satellite photo of my plane in its usual parking spot at the Ottawa Flying Club (at CYOW):

satellite photo

I can date the imagery to within a few months because of a building under construction elsewhere in the city. Since it might be hard to make out call signs in the photo, I’ve included a visual aid for finding the plane:

Satellite imagery of C-FBJO at CYOW.

You can see that C-FBJO is a low-wing plane from the continuous shadow along the top of the fuselage. The plane parked behind it is a Beech Duchess, C-GJFE, used for multi-engine training at the Ottawa Flying Club (you can just make out the T-tail in the photo); the plane parked beside it is, I think, a privately-owned Beech Baron C-GGGX, but that’s not its usual spot.

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