Aviation Blogs Update

The aviation blogosphere is getting big, or at least, I’m finally starting to find the other bloggers, especially beyond the typical student-pilot blog. I’m doing an update to add some more blogs to my blogroll, copying them over from my subscription list on Bloglines. I’ve already posted about most of the blogs that were previously on the roll; here are the new ones, in alphabetical order:

Aviation.ca News
News releases, accident reports, etc. for Canadian aviation. If you fly in Canada, you need to subscribe; if you don’t, then you probably shouldn’t bother. I use the RSS feed to keep up to date on NavCanada strike talks, runway closures, etc.
Blogging at FL250
A weblog by a junior pilot at a regional airline (flight level 250 is a typical level for a commuter turboprop, above the piston planes but below the jets). This is a nice complement to the other professional pilot blogs in my roll, ranging from young commercial pilots looking for their first break out of charter/freight-dogging, to an older commercial pilot quite happy to freight dog, to an older airliner pilot breaking in young copilots in the right seat. Start with this posting about a death of a fellow pilot, which might make you cry.
Corrosion of the Week
Aviatrix put me on to this one. The author doesn’t actually manage to post every week or even every month, but when she does, it’s usually pretty interesting. Corrosion is a huge deal for owners — it haunts our dreams — but probably not for renters or professional pilots (since someone else will pay for the repairs anyway). Subscribe accordingly.
Freight Dog Tales
An older (over 40) pilot who switched mid-life to flying freight in a Caravan in California. Fascinating stuff, especially since it has the calm, mature perspective of someone who is happy with where he is and what he’s doing, rather than waiting for the call from the airlines. This is a good read for anyone who loves flying for flying’s sake.
My Flying Blog
A blog by another owner-pilot (like me), a breed underrepresented in the aviation blogosphere. The author is currently in the middle of a trip from the U.S. midwest to Alaska, and is posting many pictures and stories.
Rant Air — Welcome Aboard!!
Here’s a blog from someone on yet another step of the career ladder — in this case, right seat on a 737.
Undefined Value: Kris Johnson’s Blog
I figured I needed at least one student-pilot blog on the roll. A few of us have followed Kris through his first solo and a mind-numbing amount of money (even by aviation standards), which he kindly lists in every post. Note to self: cannot afford training near Atlanta.


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10 Responses to Aviation Blogs Update

  1. Aviatrix says:

    Connie actually posts every day to a personal blog, including her current project comparing corrosion rates due to different agents. She’s just a little slow sometimes transferring the corrosion to the sidebar site.

  2. Boy am I glad I found this blog. I’ve developed quite an infatuation with aviation and as a result have ~25 hours of dual in my book. Problem is, I’m clear outta gelt. So I’m getting my aviation kicks from reading real life flying stuff from real live pilots. And my heart skips a beat everytime I look at the pictures. Man, does that ever go away?

  3. david says:

    Erica: In my experience, neither the excitement nor the money problem goes away.

  4. Steve Taylor says:

    Hello there! Here is another blog, mine! Check it out!



  5. Jacob says:

    here is something from India.
    Indian Aviation News

  6. PilotJohn says:

    Hey! Here is another blog I have created: http://www.pilotjohn.com

    I am also currently developing an online aviation community website – JetBlast!



  7. harrier says:

    http://wreckage.us/prolix My site as a CFI (and some other random stuff). I read some of the others you have linked and mine isn’t near the quality, more of a journal really, but I have fun at it. The real problem is that I’m not currently instructing, and until I get my CFII, I won’t be, so my stories are of previous experiences or days at my helicopter dispatch gig.
    And we all know, a CFI is only required to be able to draw airplanes and make noises “VROOOOOOM” “RRRRREEEERRRR CHICK CHICK” “mmmmmeeeeeeeerrrrrr”

  8. harrier says:

    Oh and also not required to be smart enough not to use html in comments. The first sound is an engine, then gear extending and locking, then flaps extending in a cessna, and lastly, what didn’t show, possible for language so edited here, “OH MY G_D!!” A cfi’s first time letting a student land.

    We ain’t required to know none o’ dat writin stuf.

  9. Kirsten says:

    I found your site via Google Blogs and I thought that you might be interested in http://www.ratemyaircraft.com – a virtual popularity contest for aircraft from around the world.
    Kind regards

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