Still AOG

Lightning damage on propeller tip.

I’m still AOG, 9 days after discovering evidence of a minor lightning strike. Other than the depolarized magnetic compass, the only damage from the strike is a tiny blister at the end of the prop, easily within tolerances for filing out (see photo). However, because of the amount of heat involved, the prop had to go to Mississauga for hardness testing at Hope Aero (one of Canada’s three prop shops).

Hope’s testing confirmed that the propeller is still safe (good news), but it needs an overhaul and rebalancing (bad news), and won’t be ready until around 10 August (worse news). I fly all year, but summer is the time for the whole family to fly together, laughing at the cars stuck behind campers and construction on the highways below — it was a long drive from Ottawa to Sault Ste. Marie and back earlier this week.

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