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Aviation Blogs Update

The aviation blogosphere is getting big, or at least, I’m finally starting to find the other bloggers, especially beyond the typical student-pilot blog. I’m doing an update to add some more blogs to my blogroll, copying them over from my … Continue reading

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Low wings and the flare

Very often, I see people write that low-wing planes like my Piper Warrior have a longer flare (i.e. they float longer) than high-wing planes like the Cessna 172, usually based on the argument that lower wings benefit more from ground … Continue reading

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I flew my 24-month renewal IFR flight test on Wednesday morning. It was a very different experience from my PPL flight test in 2002 and my initial IFR flight test in 2003. Back then, I had been in nearly constant … Continue reading

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Approach Ban

The weather at the airport is reported below minima — is it legal to try the approach anyway, just to take a look, before heading to your alternate? This is one area where the rules in Canada and the U.S. … Continue reading

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How airshows hurt aviation

It’s airshow season, and (unfortunately but predictably) the fatalities have begun, with three pilots dead and one missing in two separate incidents over the weekend: a midair collision at an airshow, and a midair collision practicing for an airshow. It’s … Continue reading

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IFR Training in Canada

Doug Robertson in Calgary is about to start training for his instrument rating, and has mentioned that there are few online resources specifically about IFR training in Canada. Obviously, though, there are a lot of American resources. Here are some … Continue reading

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Google Maps Flight-Planning Demo

I’ve thrown together a quick demo of several segments (almost 400 miles worth) of the V316 low-level airway westbound from the Ottawa VORTAC to the Sault Ste. Marie VOR/DME. The best part, in my opinion, is the ability to switch … Continue reading

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