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Scenes from the shop floor

The engine finally came off my plane earlier this week, and it should be on its way to Halifax today for a complete teardown and inspection after my lightning strike in July. I snapped a few cell-phone pictures while I … Continue reading

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Grounded for a long time

I’m going to be grounded for a long time — possibly a few months — so I might not be posting much to this blog. After reattaching my overhauled and tested propeller, the shop was unable to complete a compass … Continue reading

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Quibbling: what's a runway?

Aviatrix’s recent (and informative) post about alternate minima raises an interesting question: what’s a runway? For example, let’s take a medium-sized airport with a single paved surface, designated 09/27. Most of us, describing the airport to a friend in the … Continue reading

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Look for rain or lightning?

Michael Oxner has a posting about the weather capabilities of Canadian ATC radar, and mentions that many pilots do not have weather radar on board. That’s true — weather radar is pretty expensive — but a lot of us do … Continue reading

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Air France Flight 358: Factual Information

Update #1: preliminary info from the TSB on lightning, touchdown point, and thrust reversers Update #2: Environment Canada noticed the crosswind as well Other aviation bloggers have posted sensible things about yesterday’s accident at Pearson, mainly slapping down the media … Continue reading

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Cell phone METAR/TAF experiment

I decided to learn WML today (used for web browsing on cell phones and other small wireless devices), and METARs and TAFs seemed like a good, simple project. If you’re using a WAP-enabled device (i.e. your cell phone’s browser), try … Continue reading

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