Cockpit as campaign prop

Harper in the cockpit

Canada is in the middle of a federal election (with no TFRs, proving to the U.S. that it can be done). This photo shows Stephen Harper, one of the four major party leaders, at my home airport in Ottawa, using the cockpit of his chartered jet as a campaign prop (not meant as an endorsement or an attack — I’m sure any of the other party leaders would do the same).

If you look very carefully at the middle of the top right quarter of the photo, you’ll see the best part — through the window, in the distance, is a poor line person, standing outside in sub-freezing temperatures, waiting to marshall the plane once the photo op is finally finished.

(The photo is copyright 2005 by the Canadian Press. I found it originally here.)

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5 Responses to Cockpit as campaign prop

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Did I ever tell you about the time when at Buffalo Airport during the election when senate candidate Rudy Guilliani’s plane was there at the FBO, and just as I was taxiing out, senate candidate Hillary Clinton’s plane came taxiing in?

  2. david says:

    Thanks for that story, Paul — it’s too bad you didn’t have a camera with you.

  3. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    Doesn’t the cockpit look all powered down in the photo? If so, the line dude could gesture all he liked, but the plane won’t move.

  4. Ben says:

    harper is creepy looking, no matter where he sits.
    I doubt Layton and Duceppe had campaign jets.

  5. david says:

    I don’t imagine it would have made sense for Duceppe to use a jet, since his campaign was limited to Quebec. Something like a Dash-8 would have been sufficient to carry him and the Quebec press corps, and would be able to get into the smaller runways in northern communities — I’m just guessing, though.

    If Layton didn’t use a jet, he must have had a slow campaign of it criss-crossing the country.

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