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Canadian TSB backs NTSB on Caravan Icing Restriction

Because of the accident record, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sent a letter to the FAA suggesting a temporary restriction on Cessna’s single-engine turboprop, the Cessna 208 Caravan, from flying into any known icing conditions worse than light … Continue reading

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Another TFR in Canadian airspace

Transport Canada has agreed to extend the U.S. Superbowl TFR into Canadian airspace. Here’s the NOTAM: 060014 CYQG WINDSOR PART 1 OF 2 CYQG DAH IS AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: 1) CYR540, WINDSOR ON, CLASS F RESTRICTED AIRSPACE IS ESTABLISHED WITHIN … Continue reading

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Buying a first plane

Niss, who flies out of Barrie Airpark (CNA3), left this comment on my posting Should I buy or rent? (divide all prices by about 1.2 to get US dollars): I am looking to buy a share in an aircraft. Right … Continue reading

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Comments fixed

Thanks to Paul Tomblin for pointing out that I managed to break comments with a clumsy attempt at customizing Spam Karma. They should be working again now, if you wanted to say anything about recent postings.

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Certified for Known "Icy"?

As most of you know, another Canadian Cessna Caravan has crashed, this time with passenger fatalities (including a small child). Here’s what the CBC article has to say about the Caravan’s safety record: American authorities want the model of airplane … Continue reading

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Flying the DME Arc

Hamish has a posting that mentions how much easier DME arcs are with an RMI display. Sometimes I feel lucky that I was never taught the official way to a DME arc during my instrument training. We have one nearby, … Continue reading

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"That was a rough one"

I flew back from Washington/Dulles to Ottawa this morning as a passenger on an Air Canada CRJ. Things didn’t look promising — when I arrived at the airport after an early-morning drive in pouring rain, the ticket agent told me … Continue reading

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Web site: Runway Finder

Thanks to a posting by Paul Tomblin, I just discovered a new aviation Google-maps mashup. Normally, Google maps lets you switch among a map view, a satellite photo, and a satellite photo with map info superimposed (called a hybrid view). … Continue reading

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Should I buy or rent?

One of the first questions that occurs to new pilots is this: buy or rent? A lot of people write about this question online and in print, and they mostly try to help you make the decision by opening a … Continue reading

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