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The future of radio navigation in the U.S.

The U.S. government has released its 2005 Federal Radionavigation Plan [PDF, 74 pages]. Here is what they are proposing for each type of aviation-related navigation aid: GPS Will be the primary federally-provided radionavigation system for the foreseeable future. Will continue … Continue reading

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What province is Ottawa in, again?

(Not about flying.) By population, Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada (after Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver) and the second largest city in Ontario (after Toronto). Ottawa is also the nation’s capital, hosting the Parliament buildings (with the House … Continue reading

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V speeds

(kias: knots indicated airspeed; kcas: knots calibrated airspeed; ktas knots true airspeed) V speeds [Wikipedia] are the critical performance speeds of an aircraft — while some of them are illustrated on the face of the airspeed indicator using lines and … Continue reading

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Cirrus SR22 demo flight: initial impressions

I spent a bit over an hour today flying a spanking-new Cirrus SR22-GTS, courtesy of Easy Air Share, which is setting up a fractional ownership program here in Ottawa. I flew in the left seat with Floyd, a production test … Continue reading

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Response to NAV CANADA Notice of New and Revised Service Charges

NAV CANADA is proposing additional fees for small aircraft using Canada’s eight largest airports — these will be per-departure/day fees (i.e. a fee for each day that an aircraft departs from the airport). Here is NAV CANADA’s proposal, and here … Continue reading

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