Nav Canada approves new service charges

Nav Canada has decided to go ahead and charge small aircraft a daily fee of $10.00, starting in March 2008, for using any of Canada’s seven busiest airports (and the Vancouver harbour water aerodrome) — that’s on top of any landing fees, etc. charged by the airport authorities. Here’s their announcement. Here’s my response from last February, which still represents my opinion about the charges.

Nav Canada did decide to exempt aircraft from the fee when they divert to one of the major airports as a weather alternate, and they will not begin phasing in the fee this year as originally planned (unless I didn’t read the announcement carefully enough). Sadly, I think that this move may be enough to kill off the rest of the private aviation community at CYOW, ending a tradition that began in 1928 when the Ottawa Flying Club founded the airport.

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7 Responses to Nav Canada approves new service charges

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Will this fee affect based aircraft as well? If so, where is OFC moving to? Where are you moving to?

  2. david says:

    The fee affects all aircraft, including those based at the airport. I don’t know what OFC will decide to do. I’m thinking about Rockcliffe, but the lack of an instrument approach there is a big issue for me.

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  6. mike dever says:

    There are a number of issues facing general aviation. I do feel that user fees are definitely the ’cause of the moment’ however. Therefore, I have sponsored a Pledge Campaign on and urge you all to sign in and support the fight against these fees. YouChoose can also be used to rally pilots around the other attacks on general aviation as well.

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