Wake turbulence as art

Wingtip vortices made visible with smoke from flares

A reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent me the link to this picture. Here’s a high resolution version. The photo was taken over the Atlantic Ocean near Charleston, SC on 16 May 2006 — a C-17 released flares, and the smoke from the flares makes the turbulent air in the big plane’s wake visible, including the wingtip vortices.

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5 Responses to Wake turbulence as art

  1. Niss Feiner says:

    Awesome! If there is no name for it yet, I reccomend “Gods Binoculars”.

    Cheesy yet elegant no?


  2. It’s all a lie! The photograph proves the existence of angels, I tell you!!

  3. Cessna says:

    Crap. That is a really cool pic… Would’nt want to be flying behind him…

  4. Aircraft Guy says:

    Loved the pic. Thanks.

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