Brantford airport petition

The city of Brantford, Ontario, about 50 nautical miles west-southwest of Toronto, is running a review to determine the consequences of closing Brantford Airport (CYFD), and Brant Aero would like you to sign an online petition of support for the airport.

Brantford’s official motto is “The telephone city”, because, according to the city, Alexander Graham Bell lived there in 1874 when he first came up with the idea for the telephone. Bell is also famous, however, for founding the Aerial Experimentation Association, which produced the Silver Dart, the aircraft that made the first controlled, powered flight in Canada (and the British Empire). Bell devoted a huge part of his life to aviation, and it would be a sad irony if the city who uses him as its main claim to fame were to close its only airport.

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2 Responses to Brantford airport petition

  1. Kevin Field says:

    Good call on the part about Bell: that had never occurred to me! I’ll try to work it into our upcoming article somehow. Thanks very much for your support.


  2. Flying_Celt says:

    Interesting post David, I have duly signed the petition. My partner and I have our Cardinal based there… had been flying the BFC’s Cutlass for a while before that. It’s a great airport – and has got a lot going for it. It’s a real publice treasure. It would be areal tragedy for the airport to get closed down.

    Your interesting post sparked an idea, how about starting a move to have the airport renamed? The Alexander Graham Bell Airport! That could help cement the public’s attachment for ever. Maybe someday there could be a museum built to show the origins of flight?


    Steve Hemphill

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