Canadian aviation publication make-over

My 15 March (2007) editions of the Canada Flight Supplement (airport directory) and Canada Air Pilot (approach plates) just arrived in the mail, and they have a new look. Just before I started flying in 2002, the CFS had a green cover (I saw old copies lying around), then it switched to blue. Now we’re going to have to get used to grey with fancy gradients.

More seriously, Nav Canada sent a letter along with the new pubs promising significant changes beyond just the cover colours. I wonder what they have in store for us. Up-to-date information about landing fees? Better diagrams for airports without instrument approaches? We’ll have to see.

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6 Responses to Canadian aviation publication make-over

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Maybe they’ll split it into regions and make it cheaper to just buy the bits you want.

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  3. david says:

    I actually like having just one guide for all of Canada, instead of juggling all the thin Airport/Facility Directories like I have to in the U.S. And the sad thing is that it probably wouldn’t be any cheaper if it were thinner — just compare the price of Canadian VNCs with U.S. sectionals.

  4. FD says:

    Hey David,

    I find when you look at it the way it all contrasts makes it hard to focus on the writing. Its like looking at one of those pictures that can look like a beautiful lady or an old one.

    As for what they can do to make things better. Make a GPS overlay for all approaches so that when commencing an ILS approach the IF, FAF, and MAP are in the gps for reference and also displayed on the EFIS. The Garmin 530 does this but the KLN90 just has GNSS overlays and not all approaches.



  5. George Plews says:

    Just might let everyone know, that the CFS is now online in adobe format. Only available to Nav Canada employees right now. Plans are for the general public, but at a cost (of course). Don’t know when though. Regards, GP YLL FSS

  6. George Plews says:

    Just might let everyone know, that the CFS is online in adobe format only available to Nav Canada employees right now. It will be available to the general public but at a cost of course. Regards GP YLL FSS

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