Wednesday afternoon, 1:36 pm, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport

On the way home from Teterboro Airport after a March break family trip to New York City, after 2.6 flying hours mostly in IMC with light to moderate turbulence. My older daughter in the copilot seat whipped out her camera and took this shot on short final on the ILS 32 at Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport.

We had been racing down the approach at 110 knots to get in ahead of an approaching level 2 cell (though we’d been through a few of those already), and tower turned the lights up to maximum to make sure we wouldn’t have to go missed. The airport was reporting RVR 4000 ft (in other words, you could see less than a mile forward on the runway), but the approach lights were bright enough that I made them out at 800 AGL and started to slow the plane. The runway itself popped into view at 600 AGL, and my daughter took this picture a bit after that.

As ominous as this looks, it would not count as anywhere near a low approach for an ILS. However, it’s worth mentioning that Ottawa was forecasting 3,000 ft ceilings and 5 miles visibility when we left Teterboro.

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2 Responses to Wednesday afternoon, 1:36 pm, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport

  1. Paul says:

    Hey Dave,

    What are you doing for weather avoidance/knowledge in the Warrior?



  2. david says:

    Stormscope, backed up by ATC and, as often as possible, eyeballs. If my Stormscope is U/S, I won’t flying into solid IMC when there’s a risk of embedded CB.

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