Chicago Meigs now on OurAirports

By loud request, I’ve added Chicago Meigs, closed a few years ago by Mayor Daley, to OurAirports. As a special honour to the mayor, I’ve also arranged for Meigs to appear when you type “Daley” into the site search box (try “David Miller” also, just for good luck).

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5 Responses to Chicago Meigs now on OurAirports

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    I don’t think the “David Miller for good luck” thing worked – his rear disk wheel disintegrated 200 metres after the start, and he had an utterly terrible time trial after that. Levi Leipheimer, on the other hand, had the best time trial of his life.

  2. david says:

    I was thinking of the mayor of Toronto, who wants to close City Centre, but David Millar the cyclist sounds like a much nicer person to search for. I need to pay more attention to sports …

  3. Putting “David Miller” and “good luck” in the same sentence just doesn’t look right. Unless the sentence goes something like this “The people of Toronto have finally awaken and booted David Miller out of office. This, of course, is good luck for not only the aviation community but also each and every taxpayer.”

    Darn! That’s two sentences! 🙂


  4. Todd says:

    Such a shame what Daley did her in Chicago. I miss Meigs!

  5. Mark says:

    I’d have phrased it “Toronto re-elects David Miller. Good luck, you’ll need it” personally. 😉

    (BTW David, this input window is a bit too wide and is overlapping the archives listings. Just FYI)

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