OurAirports map on your blog or web page

Just like Google Maps, OurAirports now has a couple of easy ways to include your personal airport map in a blog posting or web page, YouTube-style:

  1. (easy) Click on the “Share this map” link at the top right of the map, then copy and paste the single line of HTML markup into your blog or web page.
  2. (slightly more advanced) Use the KML link (also provided) to integrate with Google Earth, Google Maps, or other KML-enabled applications.

Here’s my current pilot map (it might not show up in RSS readers). OurAirports will keep it up to date even after I make my posting:

If you want to make your embedded map a different size, just edit the values of the width and height attributes near the start of the line of HTML.

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3 Responses to OurAirports map on your blog or web page

  1. Blake says:


    I knew this was coming, which is why I didn’t ask.

    Thanks David!

  2. Annie says:

    Wow just what I needed. Thanx a ton

  3. Airfreddy says:

    What a great idea, I will help you spread the word

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