OurAirports: heliports and floatplane bases

OurAirports now includes heliports and floatplane bases as well as fixed-wing airports: in the last 24 hours I’ve added 828 floatplane bases and 5,911 heliports, all from Canada and the U.S. (and a couple of U.S. dependencies like Guam).

Here’s a screenshot of a map of the Vancouver area — you should be able to make out 3 floatplane bases, 7 heliports, and 6 airports (you can jump to the live map to explore further):

Screenshot of Vancouver map

Thanks again to George Plews for collecting the Canadian data. Does anyone have a good reference for heliports and floatplane bases outside of Canada and the U.S. (or even for more fixed-wing airports)?

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3 Responses to OurAirports: heliports and floatplane bases

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Why don’t you grab my navaid.com data? The DAFIF data may not be up to date, but I bet 80% or more of the airports and heliports are still there.

  2. david says:

    Paul: I did an experiment with navaid.com once, but unfortunately, I chose the Australian data, which (as you know) has issues from one of the providers and isn’t quite reliable — I know that things would have gone better if I’d chosen any other country.

    Where do you get your non-North American heliport data from? Is someone collecting it for you? I might try navaid.com using only one source at once, just to be safe.

  3. Paul Tomblin says:

    Nearly everything out of the US is from DAFIF.

    I got too many complaints about the complexity of offering multiple datasources, so I combined them all. I tried to do it so that more recent or more reliable data sources overrode the less reliable ones, but in as automated a manner as possible. If I had a better source of Australian data, I’d toss out the stuff from those two guys entirely.

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