OurAirports: terrain view

A couple of months ago, Google Maps quietly added a Terrain layer to their maps. I’ve enabled that in OurAirports now, so that you can get at least a rough idea of the terrain around an airport (or in a region, country, etc.).

For example, here’s why there are so many accidents around Hope, BC when the weather gets low.

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3 Responses to OurAirports: terrain view

  1. Mongo says:


    I think you’ve got an error in your URL for people outside your domain. I believe it should be:


    It’s a minor nit – keep up the good work!


  2. david says:

    Thanks, Mongo. I’ve corrected the URL.

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks David! That’s my new favourite mode to browse OA in. The Satellite and map views are extremely useful, but for just exploring that terrain view gives a much better idea of the general terrain.

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