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Three things

See comments: Hamish made me strike one. Via Aviatrix, the challenge is to list three things I’ve done that I don’t think any of my readers have done. If anyone has done one (let me know in the comments), then … Continue reading

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Baseball and the Toronto Island Airport

Toronto City Centre Airport (commonly called “Toronto Island”) is a great airport for baseball fans, since it’s only about a 15-minute walk from the Roger’s Centre/Skydome, where you can drop by to see the Jays play the Bosox, Yankees, etc. … Continue reading

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Flying around Los Angeles

While I was in Pasadena on business this week, I rented a Piper Archer at El Monte Airport along with a glider-pilot friend (who sat in the back seat), and went up for 1.4 hours dual with an instructor late … Continue reading

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How we navigate

This BBC story describes a study about how the human brain navigates. On the street They hooked up London cabbies to an fMRI machine, and observed which parts of their brain were active during different tasks while driving around London … Continue reading

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Talking to ATC: "you, me, where, what"

Talking to ATC makes some pilots nervous — especially if they trained at an uncontrolled airport — but it’s actually pretty simple as long as you take a second to think before you push the PTT button, and compose your … Continue reading

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