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My Top Five New Year's Flying Resolutions

I’m late on this (sorry, other air-bloggers), but here goes … Expand my horizons. This year, I pushed my southern limit a bit by flying all the way south to Dulles Airport. My other extremes flying from Ottawa are Sault … Continue reading

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Speed *and* fuel efficiency?

I don’t care that it holds only one person. When can I buy one of these? 190 knots true airspeed at 17,500 feet burning 3.5 gallons per hour — very nice! He can get 50 miles to the gallon at … Continue reading

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Calling all geo-geeks!

Seasons greetings, fellow geo-geeks! Here’s my problem. Right now, I have organized OurAirports like this: world : continent * continent : country * country : region * region : airport * It’s the kind of neat data structure that people … Continue reading

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OurAirports member map

I’ve added a map of members to OurAirports: You can see where members live, and if there are any at airports near you (or near where you plan to travel to). Zoom in to see more members (there are … Continue reading

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This is going to be some story when we get the details: Pair aboard downed plane from N.L. found in life-raft off Baffin Island (CBC) A small plane ditches in the Arctic, just before the start of winter. Both occupants … Continue reading

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40,000 airports

Yes, Virginia, there are more than 40,000 airports in the world! Thanks to our contributors, OurAirports now lists more than 40,000 airports, heliports, and seaplane bases around the world. That’s a milestone I’ve been watching for ever since I set … Continue reading

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