This is going to be some story when we get the details:

Pair aboard downed plane from N.L. found in life-raft off Baffin Island (CBC)

A small plane ditches in the Arctic, just before the start of winter. Both occupants somehow make it into a life raft, and are rescued some time later by a fishing boat. At a very minimum, they must have been wearing survival suits, but I’m not sure even that would be any kind of guarantee. It was -25° C here in Ottawa this morning, and I shudder to think of being out in a life raft for hours and hours in the dark, and even colder temperatures.

Update: The CBC story has more info now. They landed on ice, their plane broke through and sank with their liferaft, and they spent 18 hours stranded on some ice before being picked up. It was only -13C there, quite a bit warmer than Ottawa this morning. They were wearing survival suits.

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