Ditching a jetliner

Reuters photo

While we don’t have all the details yet, it sounds like amazing work from a US Airways crew, ditching a jetliner (a 737?) into the Hudson River today (story) right after takeoff from La Guardia Airport. According to witnesses, the landing was smooth, the plane stayed upright and afloat, and all 148 passengers and crew were able to be evacuated off the wings to nearby boats.

That’s a non-trivial accomplishment at any time, but especially with an apparent engine failure right after takeoff — a very busy time on the flight deck — when the crew had no time to prepare mentally for the ditching. Expect “double engine failure immediately after takeoff over water” to be a popular simulator exercise for airline pilots for the next while.

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  1. viennatech says:

    From what I gather via newsgroups the airliner was an A320. Flight #1549 from LGA to Charlotte. I understand it was a birdstrike but was it a double engine failure? One of the videos I saw this morning showed a passenger talking about the engine on his side bursting into flames but noone mentioned the other engine. Either way it’s no small feat to ditch an A320 and have everyone walk away!

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