Why you still don’t have your flying car

Cover of Stick and Rudder

Get rid at the outset of the idea that the airplane is only an air-going sort of automobile. It isn’t. It may sound like one and smell like one, and it may have been interior-decorated to look like one; but the difference is—it goes on wings.

And a wing is an odd thing, strangely behaved, hard to understand, tricky to handle. In many important respects, a wing’s behavior is exactly contrary to common sense. On wings it is safe to be high, dangerous to be low; safe to go fast, dangerous to go slow …

—Wolfgang Langewiesche, opening of Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying (1944).

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2 Responses to Why you still don’t have your flying car

  1. Dave Rooney says:

    If we can assume that people would fly “cars” like they drive them, widespread use of flying cars would eliminate overpopulation within a decade. 🙂

  2. I want my Jetson’s flying car! These days it also has to be “green.”

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