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The #flightlog Twitter hashtag

I’ve used the hashtag #flightlog to post information about my last two flights to Twitter: CYRO-CYAM VFR, 4.4 hours flight time (4.2 air time) PIC #flightlog CYTZ-CYRO IFR 1.8 PIC in a PA-28-161 #flightlog No one is using this hashtag … Continue reading

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Why checkpoints matter

Let’s say that you’re going on a 300 nm (550 km) flight — a typical distance for a cross-country trip in a small plane — VFR, without radar coverage.  You file a flight plan, take off on time, but don’t … Continue reading

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The fuel and weight dilemma

Last week I wrote about the summer flying dilemma, the challenge of balancing passenger comfort, speed, and the rising summer cumulus clouds. Pilots face a whole series of dilemmas like that with every flight — in fact, it’s probably fair … Continue reading

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#1 again

That was fast! Barely are my blogs restored, and Google has already bumped this blog up to the #1 search result for the common aviation phrase “land and hold short”, ahead of the Wikipedia article (#2) and AOPA’s guide to … Continue reading

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The summer flying dilemma

On a typical VFR summer day in southern Canada or the northern US — the kind that the weather(wo)men call “a mixture of sun and cloud” with a decent amount of humidity — swirling columns of heated air, called thermals, … Continue reading

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Thor doesn’t want you to fly today

So where would you fly in this? There are thunderstorms right across the country and well north of the Arctic Circle, and then snow. (Source: Environment Canada, Canadian Weather at a Glance.)

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August flying

To celebrate the return of the Land and Hold Short blog after a hiatus of several weeks, I’ll list the airports I plan to fly to in August: Charlottetown Airport in Charlottetown, PEI. Toronto City Centre Airport (can’t bring myself … Continue reading

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Aztec single-engine takeoff

I just noticed this now in Transport Canada publication. I’m reproducing it here because I cannot link to it directly (links added by me): On August 24, 2009, the pilot of a privately-owned Piper PA23-250 arriving from the United States … Continue reading

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Major Ottawa Airspace Change on 8 April

With almost no fanfare, there will be a major change in Ottawa’s airspace in a couple of weeks. Information about the change is buried deep in this PDF file (thanks to Blake Crosby for the heads-up). Here’s a page from … Continue reading

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Online AIPs

I’m using this post as a place to accumulate links to different countries’ online Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs), which include airport directories, diagrams, etc. I’ll start with a few, and add more countries as I have time, or as people … Continue reading

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