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How we navigate

This BBC story describes a study about how the human brain navigates. On the street They hooked up London cabbies to an fMRI machine, and observed which parts of their brain were active during different tasks while driving around London … Continue reading

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Dead airspeed indicator

The incident I flew through some light snow showers on my way to Kingston with my daughter this morning, so I turned on the pitot heat just before joining the circuit to make sure the pitot blade was clear. At … Continue reading

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Now what?

In about 650 hours of flying — most of it in my Warrior — I’ve seen and done just about everything I can see and do at this level and live to tell about it. I’ve flown into busy international … Continue reading

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The good, the bad, and the (plane) weird

A bunch of us agreed to post on the same topic yesterday, writing about one good part of flying, one bad part, and one weird part (unfortunately, I’m running a day late). Here are some of the other blogs with … Continue reading

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Wednesday afternoon, 1:36 pm, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport

On the way home from Teterboro Airport after a March break family trip to New York City, after 2.6 flying hours mostly in IMC with light to moderate turbulence. My older daughter in the copilot seat whipped out her camera … Continue reading

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U.S. WWII F4U Corsair training film online

A friend sent me a link to this 20 minute U.S. government training film for the F4U Corsair (Google Video). Make sure your wings are locked in the down position before takeoff, and remember that you’re burning well in excess … Continue reading

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Winter flying around the Great Lakes

There is one really, really, REALLY important rule about winter flying near the Great Lakes: Remember which way the wind’s blowing. Even if there are blue skies everywhere else, a cold wind will often pull streamers of lake effect weather … Continue reading

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