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Nav Canada approves new service charges

Nav Canada has decided to go ahead and charge small aircraft a daily fee of $10.00, starting in March 2008, for using any of Canada’s seven busiest airports (and the Vancouver harbour water aerodrome) — that’s on top of any … Continue reading

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Buying a first plane

Niss, who flies out of Barrie Airpark (CNA3), left this comment on my posting Should I buy or rent? (divide all prices by about 1.2 to get US dollars): I am looking to buy a share in an aircraft. Right … Continue reading

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Partial panel and fixed gear

From aviation pundits with deadlines to meet and empty pages to fill, we hear a lot about the dangers of losing a vacuum pump (and consequently, attitude indicator and directional gyro) in IMC, and why IFR pilots need to (a) … Continue reading

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Dash-8 incident out of Kingston

This morning, I read a CBC story about a control problem on an Air Canada Jazz Dash-8 flying from Kingston to Toronto on 2 September 2004. From the story, it was pretty hard to figure out what had actually happened, … Continue reading

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Cirrus owner's review (mixed)

Back in July 2005 (updated in September), Philip Greenspun published a detailed owner’s review of his factory-new Cirrus SR20, the 200 hp (cheaper) sibling of the Cirrus SR22. Philip has flown his plane pretty seriously around a huge part of … Continue reading

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Know your fuel consumption

Update: WordPress tells me that this is my 100th post. Whoopie! Update 2: I went for another test flight on Friday, and the problem is fixed. When you land after a flight, do you know — within a gallon/a few … Continue reading

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Scenes from the shop floor

The engine finally came off my plane earlier this week, and it should be on its way to Halifax today for a complete teardown and inspection after my lightning strike in July. I snapped a few cell-phone pictures while I … Continue reading

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