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This is going to be some story when we get the details: Pair aboard downed plane from N.L. found in life-raft off Baffin Island (CBC) A small plane ditches in the Arctic, just before the start of winter. Both occupants … Continue reading

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How we navigate

This BBC story describes a study about how the human brain navigates. On the street They hooked up London cabbies to an fMRI machine, and observed which parts of their brain were active during different tasks while driving around London … Continue reading

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Pilot population trends

In the U.S., AOPA president Phil Boyer wants to know how to stop the pilot population from declining — it has fallen below 600,000, and is still heading downhill. No surprise, really. Flying is a fuel- and land-intensive pastime, when … Continue reading

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Gimli glider's last Air Canada flight

You’ve probably all seen this already, but today the Gimli Glider takes its last flight as an Air Canada aircraft, almost 25 years after its famous power-off glide to a landing in Gimli, Manitoba. The original pilots and some of … Continue reading

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It's the runways, stupid

Here’s a statement from the U.S. Air Transport Association (ATA) — the airlines’ lobby group — about variable landing fees for U.S. airports (e.g. higher at peak times, lower other times): “Unfortunately, [the policy] does nothing to fix the primary … Continue reading

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Global orgasm for peace

Pilots often already have their watches set to UTC, so this should be easy. At the exact minute of the winter solstice tonight, at 06:08 UTC, is the second annual Global Orgasm for Peace To effect positive change in the … Continue reading

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In praise of flying a trainer

From a news story about a new U.S.-run military flight training school in Iraq: The mission shift is particularly acute for [Lt. Col. Mark] Bennett, who flew 15-hour combat missions over Iraq in 2003 and now finds himself forming steadfast … Continue reading

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