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Data wants to be free

I’ve finally gotten around to adding free data downloads to OurAirports. You can now download nightly CSV-formatted data dumps of all the airports, countries, and regions in OurAirports at http://www.ourairports.com/data/ These will open with most spreadsheet and database programs (make … Continue reading

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What makes an airport 'important'?

If you were building a mapping application that could show only (say) 20 airports on the screen at once at any given zoom level, how would you decide which airports are most important, using only publicly-available data sets? Here are … Continue reading

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Assault by battery

Recently, in the cold weather, my Warrior’s battery has barely managed one try starting the plane — any more, and it goes flat. Most recently, it happened after I’d just been flying 1.7 hours and tried to restart after a … Continue reading

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North up or track up?

I was reading through an article on pilotage [Wikipedia] in the December AOPA Pilot. In general, I found the article enjoyable, but one thing stuck out like a wart — the author’s assumption that people should always read a chart … Continue reading

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Serious upper winds

Check out the low-level upper wind forecast (FD) for Ottawa tomorrow — it looks like the gales of November are coming calling a couple of days early: STN YOW – for use 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 FDCN03 CWAO FCST … Continue reading

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V speeds

(kias: knots indicated airspeed; kcas: knots calibrated airspeed; ktas knots true airspeed) V speeds [Wikipedia] are the critical performance speeds of an aircraft — while some of them are illustrated on the face of the airspeed indicator using lines and … Continue reading

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LOP debate goes mainstream

The lean-of-peak debate, which I’ve written about before, has just gone mainstream — check out this Forbes piece, part of a series of online articles about institutional stupidity. The focus is on Lycoming’s business practices (deny evidence that you cannot … Continue reading

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