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Flying around Los Angeles

While I was in Pasadena on business this week, I rented a Piper Archer at El Monte Airport along with a glider-pilot friend (who sat in the back seat), and went up for 1.4 hours dual with an instructor late … Continue reading

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OurAirports can geocode (!!)

Today I overhauled the search system in OurAirports to use Google’s free geocoding service. Geocoding takes an address like “Algonquin Park” or “1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC” and converts it to a latitude and longitude — it doesn’t sound like … Continue reading

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CANPASS airport map

At my OurAirports account, I’ve added the tag canpass for all of the Canadian CANPASS-only airports. You can use my more general tag customs to see all airports I’ve tagged with customs services (canpass, airport-of-entry, and landing-rights). Zoom in to … Continue reading

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Finding a customs airport

I’ve expanded my original OurAirports tagging to include all airports of entry and U.S. landing rights airports that I can find under Canadian or U.S. control. You can now use my tag “customs” to find either, for trip planning purposes. … Continue reading

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The Aerodrome of Democracy

As I mentioned in a previous post, OurAirports now lets you invent your own tags for airports and view maps of the airports you’ve tagged. This morning, I made a map of 60 of the airports that were part of … Continue reading

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Capital to Capitol

I flew from Ottawa, ON to Washington, DC (400 nm) today, with a few pilot firsts: First time flying south of the Mason-Dixon line. First time flying outside the 40-49 degree north latitude band as PIC. First time flying into the Washington, DC … Continue reading

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Cost of owning a plane in 2007

Here’s what it cost to own and operate a 1979 Piper Warrior II in Ottawa, Canada in 2007 with 80 hours air time (a bit more flight time, of course). Since the US and Canadian dollars are basically at par … Continue reading

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Add local places to airports

Any logged-in member can now add placemarks to the map for local spots at an airport (FBOs, visitor parking, fuel, restaurant, customs, or whatever), and more importantly, anyone — even Anonymous Flyers — can comment on those spots. Take a … Continue reading

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In praise of flight attendants

Like pilots, flight attendants are highly-trained professionals; remember that next time you’re tempted to treat one like a waiter or bellhop (though you shouldn’t treat waiters or bellhops that way, either). To see just how important they are, check out … Continue reading

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Cuba has a nice selection of small-town/rural airports, including many with good, paved runways, judging from the satellite views. When I zoom in, though, they are mostly sadly deserted, with sometimes a single piston twin parked in the middle of … Continue reading

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