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My Top Five New Year's Flying Resolutions

I’m late on this (sorry, other air-bloggers), but here goes … Expand my horizons. This year, I pushed my southern limit a bit by flying all the way south to Dulles Airport. My other extremes flying from Ottawa are Sault … Continue reading

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Heading home, 2005

Teterboro Airport, March 2005: loading bags into the Warrior for the flight home, after our first family trip to New York City. I’d been an aircraft owner for 2 1/2 years at that point. I’m still not used to it … Continue reading

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Baseball and the Toronto Island Airport

Toronto City Centre Airport (commonly called “Toronto Island”) is a great airport for baseball fans, since it’s only about a 15-minute walk from the Roger’s Centre/Skydome, where you can drop by to see the Jays play the Bosox, Yankees, etc. … Continue reading

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Flying around Los Angeles

While I was in Pasadena on business this week, I rented a Piper Archer at El Monte Airport along with a glider-pilot friend (who sat in the back seat), and went up for 1.4 hours dual with an instructor late … Continue reading

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OurAirports can geocode (!!)

Today I overhauled the search system in OurAirports to use Google’s free geocoding service. Geocoding takes an address like “Algonquin Park” or “1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC” and converts it to a latitude and longitude — it doesn’t sound like … Continue reading

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CANPASS airport map

At my OurAirports account, I’ve added the tag canpass for all of the Canadian CANPASS-only airports. You can use my more general tag customs to see all airports I’ve tagged with customs services (canpass, airport-of-entry, and landing-rights). Zoom in to … Continue reading

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Finding a customs airport

I’ve expanded my original OurAirports tagging to include all airports of entry and U.S. landing rights airports that I can find under Canadian or U.S. control. You can now use my tag “customs” to find either, for trip planning purposes. … Continue reading

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