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Threats to general aviation

According to AOPA, the biggest issue facing general aviation in the U.S. is the risk of user fees. I agree with Phil Boyer that user fees could hurt GA, especially if they are per use (as in Australia) rather than … Continue reading

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Update: The ELT is back and recertified with a new battery, but the forecast tomorrow calls for cloud and ice from about hilltop level to 9,000 ft, so the Hope Air flight is canceled. UNSAR is the Transport Canada acronym … Continue reading

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Great flying weather, and a bit of boneheaded flying

Warm front pushing in, ceilings at 800 ft AGL with occasional 400 ft, light rain, freezing levels above 10,000: it looked like great flying weather to get in some IFR approaches in actual IMC. Recency Pilots have to do a … Continue reading

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Another contact approach

I’m writing this posting from the courtesy computer at the Esso FBO in Toronto City Centre airport (CYTZ). I just finished a Hope Air flight from Sault Ste. Marie (CYAM), my fourth consecutive day of flying. Fortunately, I was able … Continue reading

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Separation (not the Quebec kind)

There’s really only one thing that air traffic controllers spend a lot of time worrying about, and that’s separation. Separation means that each aircraft has an invisible bubble around it. When a controller is required to separate aircraft, she has … Continue reading

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The future of radio navigation in the U.S.

The U.S. government has released its 2005 Federal Radionavigation Plan [PDF, 74 pages]. Here is what they are proposing for each type of aviation-related navigation aid: GPS Will be the primary federally-provided radionavigation system for the foreseeable future. Will continue … Continue reading

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Response to NAV CANADA Notice of New and Revised Service Charges

NAV CANADA is proposing additional fees for small aircraft using Canada’s eight largest airports — these will be per-departure/day fees (i.e. a fee for each day that an aircraft departs from the airport). Here is NAV CANADA’s proposal, and here … Continue reading

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