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Icing and sublimation

On Friday, when I was flying back from Fredericton to Ottawa, I picked up a splash of clear ice in a cloud top over Maine. I use my Outside Air Temperature (OAT) probe as an early ice detector, since thinner … Continue reading

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The summer flying dilemma

On a typical VFR summer day in southern Canada or the northern US — the kind that the weather(wo)men call “a mixture of sun and cloud” with a decent amount of humidity — swirling columns of heated air, called thermals, … Continue reading

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Thor doesn’t want you to fly today

So where would you fly in this? There are thunderstorms right across the country and well north of the Arctic Circle, and then snow. (Source: Environment Canada, Canadian Weather at a Glance.)

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Partial panel

I had my first experience flying partial panel in IMC on Monday, coming home from Boston. It wasn’t the classic partial panel — a vacuum failure — but a failure of the attitude indicator instrument itself, followed by the airspeed … Continue reading

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Dead airspeed indicator

The incident I flew through some light snow showers on my way to Kingston with my daughter this morning, so I turned on the pitot heat just before joining the circuit to make sure the pitot blade was clear. At … Continue reading

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Wednesday afternoon, 1:36 pm, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport

On the way home from Teterboro Airport after a March break family trip to New York City, after 2.6 flying hours mostly in IMC with light to moderate turbulence. My older daughter in the copilot seat whipped out her camera … Continue reading

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Winter flying around the Great Lakes

There is one really, really, REALLY important rule about winter flying near the Great Lakes: Remember which way the wind’s blowing. Even if there are blue skies everywhere else, a cold wind will often pull streamers of lake effect weather … Continue reading

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Serious upper winds

Check out the low-level upper wind forecast (FD) for Ottawa tomorrow — it looks like the gales of November are coming calling a couple of days early: STN YOW – for use 3000 6000 9000 12000 18000 FDCN03 CWAO FCST … Continue reading

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Soo trip notes

I flew from Ottawa to Sault Ste. Marie yesterday, then flew a Hope Air patient from the Soo to Kingston this morning, before making the short hop back to Ottawa in the afternoon. Westbound Flying westbound to the Soo is … Continue reading

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Great flying weather, and a bit of boneheaded flying

Warm front pushing in, ceilings at 800 ft AGL with occasional 400 ft, light rain, freezing levels above 10,000: it looked like great flying weather to get in some IFR approaches in actual IMC. Recency Pilots have to do a … Continue reading

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