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The #flightlog Twitter hashtag

I’ve used the hashtag #flightlog to post information about my last two flights to Twitter: CYRO-CYAM VFR, 4.4 hours flight time (4.2 air time) PIC #flightlog CYTZ-CYRO IFR 1.8 PIC in a PA-28-161 #flightlog No one is using this hashtag … Continue reading

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#1 again

That was fast! Barely are my blogs restored, and Google has already bumped this blog up to the #1 search result for the common aviation phrase “land and hold short”, ahead of the Wikipedia article (#2) and AOPA’s guide to … Continue reading

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(Unofficial) Canadian NOTAMs via RSS

I have added an experimental, alpha-quality feature to OurAirports: local Canadian Airport NOTAMs via RSS (scraped from the Nav Canada web site). If anyone is interested in trying this out, you need to visit a Canadian airport’s page on the … Continue reading

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OurAirports can geocode (!!)

Today I overhauled the search system in OurAirports to use Google’s free geocoding service. Geocoding takes an address like “Algonquin Park” or “1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC” and converts it to a latitude and longitude — it doesn’t sound like … Continue reading

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OK, the name in the title sucks, but the good news is that OurAirports is now open to community contributions: any member can add a new airport or edit information about an existing one. How to contribute When you’re logged … Continue reading

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OurAirports at DemoCamp Ottawa

I’ll be giving a short demo of OurAirports at DemoCamp Ottawa 9 next Monday (26 May 2008). Feel free to drop by if you’re in town. It’s at The Velvet Room in the ByWard Market, starting at 7:00 pm.

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Data wants to be free

I’ve finally gotten around to adding free data downloads to OurAirports. You can now download nightly CSV-formatted data dumps of all the airports, countries, and regions in OurAirports at http://www.ourairports.com/data/ These will open with most spreadsheet and database programs (make … Continue reading

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OurAirports: heliports and floatplane bases

OurAirports now includes heliports and floatplane bases as well as fixed-wing airports: in the last 24 hours I’ve added 828 floatplane bases and 5,911 heliports, all from Canada and the U.S. (and a couple of U.S. dependencies like Guam). Here’s … Continue reading

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Add local places to airports

Any logged-in member can now add placemarks to the map for local spots at an airport (FBOs, visitor parking, fuel, restaurant, customs, or whatever), and more importantly, anyone — even Anonymous Flyers — can comment on those spots. Take a … Continue reading

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OurAirports map on your blog or web page

Just like Google Maps, OurAirports now has a couple of easy ways to include your personal airport map in a blog posting or web page, YouTube-style: (easy) Click on the “Share this map” link at the top right of the … Continue reading

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