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Vintage airport postcards

Ron Dupas has an online collection of postcards, including a large collection with photos of airports. There are some great ones here, including the now-vanished Cartierville airport near Montreal, the TCA hangar in Vancouver in the early 60’s (my first … Continue reading

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"VFR not recommended" not recommended

Like most Canadian pilots, I’m running pretty late updating my AIP, so I just noticed the contents of Aeronautical Information Circular 10/05 from last April. It’s worth quoting in full: Removal of the phrase “VFR flight not recommended” in pilot … Continue reading

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FAA ATA 100 + Google Maps

Here’s a web application that mashes the FAA ATA 100 airport/airspace database with the Google maps public API: FAA Airports, Airspace fixes Google Maps/Earth interface It will show the position of any U.S. airport, navaid, or fix, and can plot … Continue reading

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