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Severe windstorm

Update: pix at the Rain Aviation Blog (via Dave Rooney’s comment). My home airport, Ottawa Rockcliffe, was hit by severe winds yesterday: I’ve heard from 18-24 airplanes damaged, at least 10 of which are write-offs. After supper today my spouse … Continue reading

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Flying is like …

Here’s how some recent tweets describe flying: LizaBelle30: Flying is like throwing yourself at the ground and missing elysiancoffee: flying is like preparing oneself for a big performance in which I only become an instrument johnnyo312: flying is so horrible … Continue reading

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What WW II plane would I have wanted to fly?

Yesterday, I asked what WWII plane you would have chosen to fly. I thought my answer was not so obvious — I expected to see a lot of Spitfires, Mustangs, ME-109s, Zeros, B-29s, etc. — but two other people have … Continue reading

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Blog question: what World War II plane would you have wanted to fly?

Here’s a question for the aviation bloggers reading this posting: if this were World War II, and you could have a two-year mission to fly any military aircraft you chose (from any country), what would it be? To make it easier, … Continue reading

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