Link: Private pilots pushed out of hangars at Toronto island airport

Porter contends that the Q400 turboprop planes it flies qualify the airline’s activities as general aviation.

I love Porter as an airline, but that statement (if accurately reported by Macleans) is BS of the worst kind. Porter is trying to claim that it’s a general-aviation operation because the tripartite agreement governing CYTZ calls for the preservation of GA at the airport, and Porter has been working to squeeze out resident GA (though they’re great with transients).

Porter knows perfectly well, though, that it doesn’t operate under the sections of the CARs (Canada) or the FARs (US) that govern GA, but is regulated as an airline, just like Air Canada or Westjet.  Let’s hope the Toronto Port Authority isn’t as stupid as Porter assumes.

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4 Responses to Link: Private pilots pushed out of hangars at Toronto island airport

  1. WMAP says:

    I blogged about this today too. I’m currently working on my PPL out of CYTZ. I’m very fond of flying Porter when I’m travelling on business but it is getting harder and harder for us GA aircraft flying out of there.
    We are down to just one flight school out of City now, I just hope it stays around long enough for me to finish what I started

  2. Good luck, WMAP. I know it would be a long way to Buttonville or Oshawa to continue your training there.

    • WMAP says:

      I don’t drive 😦
      (don’t ask come I fly a plane but don’t drive a car!), so I’m well and truly stuck.
      I think sometimes that the guys in the big planes forget that , they too were once a student in a little single engine plane. If we disappear then no more ATPLs

  3. Aviatrix says:

    Yeah, I love Porter, but not their forcing out the real GA, not their plan to pave the lake.

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